"Takin' It Higher!" The Complete Praise Package


It's here!  The Complete Worship Package to help you perform all of Heath Jarvis' music from the CD, "Takin' It Higher!"

Heath Jarvis has released the SongBook to go with his "Takin' It Higher!" CD.  The SongBook includes Sheet Music for Piano and Lead Vocal, as well as a Sheet Music Score for Soprano, Alto and Tenor (sorry, no bass).  Also included are horn charts for 2 trumpets and 1 alto sax.  Finally, the Book also includes lead sheets with lyrics and chord progressions, and Overhead Transparency Masters.  Everything you need to teach and perform any of Heath's 12 songs from "Takin' It Higher!"

Also included with the SongBook in this package is a 2 CD Set of Background Trax of the "Takin' It Higher!" CD.  One CD has background music with background vocals.  The other CD just has the music with no vocals.  If your church does not have a great choir and band, or even if your church does not have live praise and worship, you can still perform all of Heath's music from the CD.  If you want to travel to other churches and minister without bringing your entire team, these CD's are perfect for you!

And if that were not enough, Heath has included the "Takin' It Higher!" CD in this package!

The cost for this entire package is only $75!  (plus shipping and handling). That's a $15 savings over purchasing these items separately. Heath has seen similar packages (that are not nearly as comprehensive as this one) for much more!

That's right!  Only $75 and you get:

  • One "Takin' It Higher!" CD

  • Printed Sheet Music for Piano and Lead Vocal

  • Printed Sheet Music for Background Vocals (Soprano, Alto, Tenor)

  • Printed Sheet Music for 3 horns (2 trumpets, 1 alto sax)

  • Printed Lead Sheets with Lyrics and Chord Progressions (For those who can't read music)

  • Professional-Looking Printed Overhead Transparency Masters

  • One CD with Background Music and Background Vocals

  • One CD with Background Music Only (no vocals)

Note: Background Trax do not have demos.

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