Takin' It Higher!
Praise & Worship Conference
Honolulu, Hawaii
June 10-11, 2005

On June 10-12, Heath Jarvis was invited to minister in Hawaii - first at the "Takin' It Higher!" praise & worship conference in Honolulu - then on Sunday, Heath ministered in song & Word at two other Oahu churches. Below are pictures and details from this extraordinary weekend!

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Here's Heath on the opening night concert. The conference was held at First Assembly of God in Honolulu.
Here's another shot of Heath during the opening praise & worship concert. Notice the leis around his neck. The Hawaiian people were extremely courteous and hospitable people...and they LOVE worship! They were a joy to minister to.
Here's Heath on Saturday morning, teaching one of the three morning clinics.
Here's Heath and the choir (and some of the band). The praise & worship team consisted of members from three different churches: First Assembly of Honolulu, Calvary Assembly in Honolulu, and Paradise Chapel in Waianae. It was awesome to see three different churches come together as one voice of praise! There were over 80 singers, instrumentalists, and dancers.
Here is the praise team along with some dancers. They had choreographed a Hawaiian style worship dance to Heath's song, "Whatever You Want Me To Do". It was very powerful! Another group of dancers choreographed a Hula Dance to Heath's "Take Me", which was also very moving.
Here's Heath ministering in Word at the conference. Heath was the keynote speaker of the Friday opening session, as well as a clinician for all three Saturday morning sessions, and two Saturday luncheons! Then he led worship for a Saturday afternoon service, and closed out the conference with a Saturday night concert! Apparently, Hawaiians love to "wear out" their guest ministers! (and Heath loved every minute of it)
Here is Heath & Louise with the conference organizers. Pictured are (L to R): Terry Wong (Pastor of Calvary Assembly), wife Vicky Wong, Delray Cheah (worship leader for Calvary), David Chang, Heath, Louise, Steve Miyasato (worship leader for First Assembly), Klayton Ko (Pastor of First Assembly), and wife Sharon.
On Sunday morning Heath got to minister in music and word at Calvary Assembly in Honolulu. They even taught him how to sing his song "I Worship You" in Chinese so that he could minister at the Chinese service for Calvary. They had a wonderful service!
On Sunday night, Heath was invited to minister in worship and preach at Paradise Chapel in Waianae on the other side of Oahu. Here you can see Alyssa, the youngest of the praise dancers, ministering in dance to Heath's "Whatever You Want Me To Do". It was very anointed! Heath enjoyed ministering at Paradise Chapel and had the great pleasure of meeting George Nagato, Pastor of Paradise Chapel and District Superintendant of the Assemblies of God in Hawaii.
Here's Heath signing a CD for a fan. Heath had the pleasure of signing many CDs, books, and other memorabilia for people.
Although the conference was a lot of work, Heath & Louise got to enjoy a few of Hawaii's comforts and attractions. And while this picture may look like something from a brochure or postcard...it's actually a picture taken from the balcony of Heath's hotel room. Hawaii truly is beautiful!
This is a picture of the number 1 & 2 gun turrets on the USS Missouri, a WWII Battleship now docked in Pearl Harbor. The Missouri was the ship on which the Japanese signed the surrender documents ending WWII. It also served in Korea and, interestingly enough, in the first Gulf War - Operation Desert Storm.
Here is another picture of those same gun turrets taken from the other direction. Off the bow of the Missouri you can see the Arizona Memorial.
Here's a closer shot of the Arizona Memorial, under which lies the USS Arizona. The Arizona was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 "a date which will live in infamy". Over 2300 Americans lost their lives during that attack, 1177 of which were on the Arizona.
Here is a picture of another "boat" docked at Pearl Harbor, the USS Bowfin. Nicknamed "The Pearl Harbor Avenger" the Bowfin was a submarine that took part of a successful offensive in the Sea of Japan towards the end of WWII. Heath & Louise got to tour the inside of the submarine and the submarine museum.
Perhaps the most enjoyable tourist attraction that Heath visited was Dillingham Airport in Waialua, on the other side of Oahu. Heath got to experience his first glider flight. And the scenery of this picture is much the same as it was the day Heath went flying...spectacular!
Here's Heath getting strapped in before the flight. In this particular type of glider you sit inclined. That, plus the graceful type of flying inherent to gliding, and the peaceful sound of only the wind...it's enough to lull you to sleep!
After a beautiful sight-seeing flight (including a little stick-time for Heath), a soft touch-down and a smooth rollout finished a very enjoyable adventure.
You Are Here! So hang loose! Mahalo!

Heath & Louise were glad to come home to their children. And of course, Jessica and Caleb were excited to see Mommy & Daddy...especially after Mommy and Daddy got out the presents from their trip! Jessica is seen here, sporting the latest in "Hula wear".

Much and heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this conference and this trip an overwhelming success! Aloha and Mahalo!