This page will feature different things that Heath is doing, especially those that are non-ministry-related. In particular, Heath has a deep interest in aviation. Check this page once in a while to see what Heath is doing outside of HJM. Below is a list of all of the types of planes that Heath has flown.

Heath Jarvis

Cessna 172 Skyhawk
150hp - 180hp
Cruises at approx. 120mph

Heath did his first solo in this very airplane.

Piper Warrior
150hp - 160hp
Cruises at approx. 125mph
Piper Cherokee 140
Cruises at approx. 125mph
Cessna 172RG Cutlass
Cruises at approx. 140mph
This picture shows the retractable
gear in the middle of retraction

Piper Arrow
Cruises at approx. 145mph
Retractable Gear!

Heath got his complex
endorsement in this type.

Cessna 182RG Skylane
Cruises at approx. 170mph
Retractable gear, good payload
and pretty quick!

Piper Cherokee 6-300
Cruises at approx. 165mph
6-Seater with lots of room

Heath got his high-performance
endorsement in one of these.

Meyers 200D
Cruises at well over 200mph!

Fastest normally-aspirated
single-engine 4 seat RG ever built

Cessna Citation II
Cruises at over 400mph!

Heath has over 2 1/2 hours
of flight time in one of these.

In September, 2004, Heath got to fly and land one!

Luscombe 8A Silvaire
Cruises at approx. 100mph
No electrical system (You have to hand-start it)

More fun than all of the above planes combined!

Aeronca Champ
Cruises at approx. 90mph
No electrical system (You have to hand-start it)
Cessna 150
Cruises at approx. 100mph
Real fun & simple plane to fly
Cessna 152
Cruises at approx. 100mph
The successor to the Cessna 150
Bucker Jungmann
(Pronounced "Boo-kur Youngman")
200hp with inverted fuel & oil
Open Cockpit & Aerobatic!!!

Heath got to do some
aerobatics in one of these.
Super Decathlon
180hp with inverted fuel & oil

Heath got to do some
aerobatics in one of these.

Click here to see video footage of an F-14 Tomcat passing through the sound barrier!

(Approximately 1.3 MB...well worth the few minutes' wait to download)

You will need the ability to read mpeg files.

"This plane belongs to my brother-in-law and we've done quite a bit of flying in it. In fact, I learned how to fly in it. It is a 1946 Luscombe 8A. It's a two-seater with about 65 horsepower. It goes about 100 mph and is capable of mild aerobatics. There's no electrical system (you have to hand-start it), and it has only the most basic instruments, but it is great fun to fly it. Notice the way-cool paint job and the plexiglas doors!"




Click here to see video footage of Harvest Ministries Music Department's 2006 Fireworks Show!
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