Below is a list of Heath's favorite links on the Web that may provide resources for Praise & Worship leaders.  Bookmark this page for great music ministry resources!  Please be patient while the page loads.  We wanted to provide a great many resources for you, so this page will take a minute or so to load.  HJM is not reimbursed in any way by any of the sites on this page, but lists them and comments about them willingly because of the great services and products they provide.

Great Sites & Great Music
Eagle Mountain International Church is Heath's home church. Heath has served as Minister of Music for this dynamic ministry. Pastored by George and Terri Pearsons, Eagle Mountain is a branch of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and is located on the same campus as KCM in Fort Worth, TX. Click the logo to visit their site.
Faith-Full Family Life - The Web Site for Heath Jarvis' former home church and for Faith-Full Family Finances.  Faith-Full Family Finances, founded by Pastor Gary Keesee, is a ministry designed with a purpose of helping release people from the bondage of debt using Biblical principles.  Pastor Gary's messages can be found at the church page as well.  Just click here to visit them.
Clint Brown Ministries - Pastor Clint Brown of Faithworld Outreach Church in Orlando, FL is one of America's most dynamic worship leaders and psalmists.  His ministry has greatly impacted Heath Jarvis.  He has produced several albums on CD, Tape, VHS and DVD!  He also has produced several teaching tape series and books and hosts the Judah International Music Conference each year in Orlando.  Click on the logo to visit his site.

Darin Allen is a close friend of Heath's. Heath and Darin have co-written several songs, and Heath produced Darin's first solo recording project, entitled "Invitation 2 Praise".

Click the logo to visit his site.

Jerry Loos is a good friend of Heath. Endorsed by Hohner/Crafter guitars, he's a great Christian man and an excellent guitar player. He is very versatile in all styles of playing (rock, country, r&b, latin, lead, rhythm, electric, acoustic, etc.). He is also a very proficient guitar teacher, who runs his own teaching studio. Click the picture to visit his site.

Supplies, Equipment & Service
Kingdom Tapes - A great place to find bulk cassette tapes, labels, cases, etc. for your tape ministry.  They also can provide duplicators and/or duplication services.  They have an extensive catalog of products and services that you can browse online.  Just click on their logo to go there.
Hosanna tapes and materials - Another great source for bulk cassettes and duplication services.  They also have produced the Bible on audio in many different languages.  Click the logo to visit them.
Musician's Friend - Located in Oregon, this place usually makes small time music store owners mad because they can't compete with Musician's Friend's prices.  Extensive selection, especially for the "electronic" musician.  Click the logo.

Songwriting and
Copyright Information
Ps.33:3 tells us to "sing unto the Lord a new song".  Heath Jarvis believes that as Music Ministers, it is important for us to constantly expand our repertoire of music, not just by using other people's music, but by writing our own.  Copyrighting is part of that process and is simpler to do than you might think.
Gospel Music Association
The Gospel Music Association is an organization dedicated to helping aspiring artists and songwriters to get educated and connected with the Christian Music Industry. Their conferences, competitions and events are extremely beneficial for writers and performers trying to get "noticed". Click their logo to visit their site.
The "Write About Jesus" Workshop is held annually in St. Louis, MO in the fall. It is an opportunity for aspiring writers to work with industry people in a little more of an intimate setting than a huge GMA Conference. Click the logo to visit their site.
Write About Jesus Workshop
Broadcast Music International is an organization that helps songwriters receive royalties for music played on radio, TV, etc.  If you want to publish your music, BMI is a great organization.  Heath Jarvis is a registered writer and publisher with BMI. Click on the logo.
Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) helps Christian music writers receive royalties for music that has been performed in churches around the world.  Also, it helps churches attain legal rights to perform such music during their services.  Don't be penalized or fined!  Make sure your church is legal, and make sure that your music is registered with CCLI so you can receive royalties when other churches do your music.  Click the logo.
If you would like to copyright your music and register your copyright with the United States Copyright Office, their web site has the appropriate forms that you can download, fill out, and send in.  Protect yourself, don't let someone else make money on YOUR music!  Copyrights only cost $30 per song.  Click on the logo to find out more.

Job Opportunities
We have not included any Job Opportunity Links (to our knowledge) that require fees for their services.  Some sites out there require you to register with them just to browse their site.  They are not listed here.  Some of the following sites list churches seeking ministers and ministers seeking churches as well as some non-ministry-related Christian jobs. is a good place to find ministry positions available around the country.  Click the logo to visit them. has a wide variety of resources from job opportunities to church supplies to real estate.  A real neat site!  Click the logo. (formerly also has a listing of job opportunities, not only for music ministry, but also Pastoral, Children's, and Youth.  Click the logo. (formerly is essentially a Christian Search Engine and can help you find just about anything you want or need in ministry.  Click the logo if you have a couple of hours to search their extremely vast database. is another ministry job opportunity web site, listing jobs by State.  Click the logo. is another excellent web site.  Click the logo to visit them.
The Pastoral Search Network at has an easy to use database of churches seeking ministers and ministers seeking churches.  Click the logo. is a job site for both ministry and secular jobs of all sorts. CareerJet gives job seekers access to a huge selection of jobs that are sourced from various internet sites, saving the trouble of having to visit each site individually. Click the logo. is a site that lists both Christian universities nationwide and online Christian colleges. Click the logo.