Worship Notes

"Psalm 33:3 - Part 2
A New Song"

In the last article I shared with you the first of four thoughts from Psalm 33:3 which says, "Sing unto the Lord a new song.  Play skillfully with a loud noise."  I would like to share the 2nd thought regarding that verse of Scripture, the founding verse for Heath Jarvis Ministries.

"Sing unto the Lord a new song..."  Why?  Is there anything wrong with the song or songs I've been singing?  No, of course not.  But there must have been a reason for David to say that.

God's Word uses the phrase "a new song" 9 times throughout Scripture.  Now I don't know about you, but I've always been under the opinion that God repeats Himself when He wants to get a point across.  And the more times He repeats Himself, the more important the lesson is that He wants to teach us.  So why is this concept so important?

Let's admit it.  There are times in worship and in praise that we sometimes tend to "go through the motions".  Yes, we are doing what the Bible tells us to do.  We are praising and worshipping according to Biblical pattern.  But we are distracted; or our heart isn't really in it.  I've been there and I'm sure you have too.  Singing a new song to God helps to keep our worship from getting stale.  

Have you ever sung a song while doing another task?  If you know a song well enough, you can sing the entire song while doing something else, and never once think about the meaning of what you are singing.  But when we are singing a new song, we tend to think about the message behind the music a little more.

I believe it is important for a Minister of Music to have a constantly expanding repertoire.  This helps keep corporate praise & worship fresh in the hearts of the congregation and also in the praise and worship team.  My praise and worship team typically learns 1 to 3 songs a week.  This has benefited our congregation's praise and worship tremendously.

I also believe that it is important for Ministers of Music to be good songwriters.  We need not lean solely on the newest tape or CD from so-and-so, although that is a good place to start expanding your repertoire.  But I have found that writing songs off of my Pastor's sermons are one of the greatest ways to complement his ministry.  It allows the congregation the ability to have the seed of the Word of God planted into them by a means other than just preaching or teaching.  Music is a great teacher (how do we learn our ABC's?) and can help communicate your Pastor's heart to the congregation.

"How do I write songs?" you may ask.  I have addressed that in a series of Worship Notes entitled "Songwriting".  The best advice that I can give you is this...You'll never learn to write until you start writing.  Ask God to help you.  He will.  He loves to hear people sing unto Him "a new song".