Worship Notes

"What About Using
Secular Musicians?"

In the article, "Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?", I shared with you my thoughts on whether or not Ministers of Music should listen to secular music.  This brought about the idea of whether or not to use secular musicians.  I would like to share with you my thoughts on this somewhat controversial topic.

As you may already know, there are many well-known Christian artists out there that use or have used secular musicians for their concerts or recording projects.  Some of the best-selling, most popular Christian CD's out there have as much or more secular talent on them as they do Christian talent.  So, is this a right or wrong practice?

As I have said a few times before, the Anointing is in a person.  It's not in a style of music.  It's not in a particular song.  It's not in ministry technique.  It's a power that has been infused into a Believer.  If a person is anointed, then what they do will, in turn, be anointed.  But, as I have also said before, the Anointing is not as dependant on the one who is anointed as it is dependant on the person who is receiving that Anointing.  For a better description of this, read my Thoughts from November 12th and 19th.

There are things that will add to or take away from the effectiveness of the Anointing, mainly because they affect people's ability to receive the Anointing.  That's why I have said that excellence is important.  It makes it easier for a Believer to receive the Anointing.

Now to answer the question of whether or not to use secular musicians.  Sometimes using a secular musician who is more skilled than a Christian will increase the excellence of the project, which may increase the people's ability to receive the Anointing that's on it.  For that reason it may be better to use a secular musician.  However, a secular musician is not anointed like a Christian musician is.  Therefore, the best case scenario would be to use Christian musicians who are both skilled and anointed.

I have determined that I never want to use secular instrumentalists or singers on my recording projects.  I believe that the Body of Christ is full of enough skilled talent that I won't have to go to the world to find the musicianship and excellence that I am looking for.  However, I won't knock other Christian artists who use secular talent.  I realize that their ultimate goal is to produce the most excellent project possible so that people can receive the Anointing that is on it.

I've also heard several Christian artists say that they like to use secular musicians because it gives them a chance to witness to those musicians.  Personally, I think that there are better witnessing tools than that, but I still won't knock them for it.

I will say this, though.  Just as the Anointing is tangible and transferable, I believe that there are false anointings out there that are tangible and transferable as well.  We need to be careful with whom we fellowship and whom we allow to play on our projects.  There may be some kind of curse or sin that they are walking in that you don't want on your project.

To sum it all up, I believe that the Anointing that is on you as an artist will be best received when it is presented in excellence.  Using the best talent possible, whether it be secular or Christian, can help that cause.  But I believe that if everyone on your project is an Anointed Christian artist performing in excellence, then you have a double blessing.  You have a project full of people that are not only Anointed, but have applied themselves to the point that they walk in enough excellence to have that Anointing be well received.  Their talent is God-blessed and their Anointing is compounded upon your own.  How awesome is that?

Be blessed!