Worship Notes

"What Kind of God
Do We Serve Anyway?"

I once heard a story of a person who was going to the doctor for their checkup.  When they told their Pastor about it, he said, "Well, I pray to God that the doctor gives you a clean bill of health."  The person then turned to the Pastor and said, "That's not what I'm praying for.  I'm praying that God gives me the grace to accept whatever may come my way, good or bad."

There are people who preach that the only reason Jesus went to the cross was to save us from going to hell.  But when I read that Jesus said that He came to give us life "more abundantly", that tells me that there is more to it than just my salvation from hell.  If you are sprawled out on a hospital bed with your body eaten up with cancer, I don't call that "life more abundantly".  If your family life is falling apart and your marriage is on the rocks, I don't call that "life more abundantly".  If you are struggling to get ahead in life, and can't seem to pay your bills, and your debt us piling up, I don't call that "life more abundantly".

Jesus went to the cross to establish a covenant with us that we may have victory in every area of our life!  It's for this reason that I wrote a song that says:

Some say that You only died to save us
Others say that you were just a man
But I believe you died so that you could provide
A life more abundantly with all my needs supplied
That's why I lift my voice to you to say...
Jesus, You're everything to me
You are the light to help me see
You are my healer, you healed me
And You supply my every need
Without You I know I would surely fall
But thank You, Jesus
You're my all in all

Maybe your church or denomination preaches that not everyone can be healed, but I believe that God is not a respecter of persons.  Maybe you've been taught that the best you can hope for is the grace to accept whatever life may deal you.  But I don't want to serve a God that will just give me peace in the midst of the storm...I want to serve a God that will take me out of the storm!  And I believe that we as believers have the right to live in total victory in every area of our life!

What kind of God do we serve, anyway?  I believe that we serve a God Who desires to save, deliver, and heal ALL who He is in covenant with.  If we are saved, if we are believers, then we have the right to ask in faith for whatever we need.  He wants us to.  Because He loves us and desires the best for us.

When You are leading worship this week, encourage your congregation with this news.  Let them know that they serve an all-powerful, awesome God Who wants to bless us with "Life More Abundantly!"  Sure, He will give us the grace to handle whatever storms may come.  But even greater, He will lead us out of the storm if we let Him, if we trust Him, if we put our faith in Him.  Let your congregation know that they should praise Him on that basis!  Have an awesome service!