Worship Notes

The Total Package - Part 3
The "Minister" in "Music Minister"

In this article I will continue with the third of a four-part series of thoughts on becoming "The Total Package".  We have already talked about familiarizing ourselves with every aspect of the musicality of our music ministries.  Now I want to share with you about familiarizing yourself with the various "Ministry" aspects of Music Ministry.

Musicians are a strange lot.  We are typically very emotional people.  Many times we are more flamboyant dressers than most others.  And much of the time we are stereotyped as people who are not very spiritual in comparison to other types of ministers such as Children's Ministers, Youth Pastors, Associate Pastors, etc.  I believe that this is partially because we don't have as much of a "preaching" or "teaching" type of ministry as those others.  But we are ministers nevertheless.  And we need to see ourselves as ministers and recognize the responsibilities we have as such.

I want to share with you two areas of ministry that you should be familiar with in order to be "The Total Package".  Then, next week I will share two more.  Please remember that these areas are by no means comprehensive.  I'm barely scratching the surface of these subjects.

1)    Ministering to the Congregation - We must remember that we are in charge of setting the atmosphere so that it is conducive to the moving of the Holy Spirit every time we gather together.  We can maximize our potential in this area by becoming:

An Exhorter - You need to know how to motivate your congregation.  We should be excited about the God we serve!  Present yourself (and even your voice) in a manner or tone that is exciting, motivating, and reverent.  And always back up everything you say with the Word of God. 

A Teacher - You should be able to take the pulpit from time to time and teach your congregation about praise and worship.  Isn't it interesting that we spend sometimes as much as 50% of our service time in praise and worship, but we spend very little time actually teaching what praise and worship is all about?  People need to know why they do what they do.  And who better to teach them on the subject but their praise and worship leader?

Familiar with the Word - People in your congregation will have a hard time responding to or receiving from someone who is not a very deep or spiritual person.  And whether you know it or not, if you are a person who is immature in the things of God, your congregation most likely knows it.  They can see through a lot more than you probably realize.  Get in the Word of God and devour it...for your own sake as well as your congregation's.  The Word, planted on the soil of your heart, will bring forth fruit in your life.

2)    Ministering to your Worship Team - If you are a Minister of Music, chances are that you have a number of people under your authority.  These people have needs just like anyone else.  Remember, we are praisers, therefore we are leaders of warfare and are subject to attack from the enemy.  Become the Total Package by becoming:

A Pastor - No, you are not "the" Pastor of the church (and I hate the term "Music Pastor" or "Worship Pastor").  But your Pastor has entrusted you with looking after some of his flock, namely your Worship Team.  Don't take this responsibility lightly.  Realize that you may from time to time have to deal with issues in life that members of your team are going through.  The Bible instructs us to be "instant in season".  Be prepared to "Pastor" your people through different situations of their life.  Don't leave all the burden on your Pastor.  You are anointed and appointed to minister to those under you.

As a "Pastor" you will also need to learn how to combat strife, irresponsibility, and the different attitudes and issues that every Senior Pastor must face.  Get in the Word and learn how to handle these type of situations.  Also, ask your Pastor for his advice on handling different delicate situations.  Learn how to be loving, gentle, and firm...all at the same time.  Look at the qualifications for Bishops, Elders, and Deacons.  Then strive to match those qualities.  I Timothy 3 is a good place to start.

A visionary - Get into your prayer closet, get into your Bible, get into God's Presence and get some direction and vision for your praise & worship team.  Establish a purpose.  Set goals for yourself and your team...and don't make the goals easy on yourself.  Think BIG...I mean the GOD kind of BIG!  Don't be in the same place five years from now as you are right now.  In fact, don't be in the same place next month as you are right now!  Under God's direction, take your team to the next level...then the next level...then the next...and so on.  Also, make sure your Pastor knows what your vision is. 

A Prayer Warrior - Know (or learn) how to get things accomplished in the Spirit Realm.  And teach your team the importance of it as well.  After all, we are at war!

A Motivator - Your congregation will never go any further than your Worship Team leads them.  But your Worship Team will never go any further than you lead them.  Learn how to motivate your team to be praise and worship leaders, not just singers or instrumentalists.

Always remember that you are as much a minister as you are a musician.  Also remember that "minister" literally means "servant".  Stay humble, and let God mold you into the minister He wants you to be.