"Takin' It Higher!"

Heath Jarvis is pleased to announce the completion of his 2nd CD, "Takin' It Higher!".  Completed in September 2001, this CD has 12 "cutting edge" praise & worship songs by Heath Jarvis.  Purchase yours today and "Take It Higher!".  Click on the song titles to hear excerpts approximately a minute long.

"Praise The Lord" - by Heath Jarvis

"You Are Everything" - by Heath Jarvis & Randy Patton

"I Could Never Praise You Enough" - by Heath & Louise Jarvis

"You're My Reward" - by Heath Jarvis

"Always" - by Heath Jarvis

"Take Me" - by Heath Jarvis

"I've Come Into This House" - by Heath & Louise Jarvis

"Let There Be Blessing" - by Heath Jarvis

"Liftin' You Up" - by Heath Jarvis

"Whatever You Want Me To Do" - by Heath Jarvis

"You Are Worthy Of My Praise" - by Heath Jarvis

"Lord, I Love You" - by Heath Jarvis

CD's are $15.  Shipping and handling is $2 per CD.  To order, click here and go to the Order Form page.  You can order by check, money order, or online via credit card.

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Order yours today and TAKE IT HIGHER!!!