Worship Notes

"On the Cutting Edge"

One thing that I have always strived for as a minister is to always be on the "cutting edge" of what God is doing in ministry. I have always wanted to have a ministry that was a step above the norm - a ministry that was unique - a ministry that was doing something that few if any had done before. One of the reasons for this is that I believe that being unique sets your ministry apart from others, and makes it attractive to potential members.

People want to be a part of something great. They want to be a part of something successful. They want to be proud of their church. They want to be able to say that, "Our church is the only church around that _____" or "Our church puts on the best _____". Deep down, people want to be on the cutting edge. They don't want to attend a "cookie-cutter" church - one that looks, acts, and sounds like every other church out there.

However, there is a risk with being on the cutting edge. Being on the cutting edge means always being at risk of offending someone. Because as much as most people want to be on the cutting edge, they still resist change. Being on the cutting edge requires you to always be trying something new, something unique, something that no one has done. People like their comfort zones, and being on the cutting edge takes us away from those comfort zones.

All churches go through periods of transition. Some bear those periods well. Some are destroyed by those periods. Remember that being on the cutting edge will require you to go through transition. Don't fear these transitions. Rather, do everything with boldness and confidence. Boldness with perfection cannot be beat. And if you cannot do it with boldness, it means 1 of 2 things:

1. You were not prepared to present it.


2. You did not prepare your congregation to receive it.

In either case, the job is up to us as leaders to present our ministries effectively. I have a great deal of experience with transition...because in a sense, every new song that I present to my congregation is a form of transition - and it will either be well-received by them or it won't. But if it is not well-received, the first person I will look to blame is myself.

I encourage you to always strive to be on the cutting edge. But remember to thorougly prepare yourself and your team first, then prepare your congregation, then present your ministry boldly with confidence and polish. Remember the definition of excellence in ministry: "Doing everything you can do to ensure that every aspect of your ministry is able to be easily received by others"

Remember one more thing when it comes to transition. Transition is the last stage of labor before the baby comes. If your church is going through transition, get ready...your baby is about to be born! You have carried this idea, this vision, for a long time now - but you're about to give birth to that which you have carried so long! Be encouraged!

God's best for your success!